Your feedback and expectations for paid versions
As we're transitioning to a paid model, we want to ensure that we're delivering features which are aligned with the expectations and requirements of future paying users.

With this form you have the opportunity to share your expectations and requirements for future versions of Asset Tracker, review our pricing and submit your feedback.
What are your expectations for future iterations of Asset Tracker?

For example, you'd expect to have feature XYZ, or integration ABC etc implemented for Asset Tracker in the future. Think of expectations as 'nice-to-haves', rather than hard requirements (next question).
What are your hard requirements within the domain of IT asset management?

For example, you NEED feature XYZ so you can perform job ABC. Define your requirements with the approach that they're a must have for you and/or your organisation's operations.
Asset Tracker for Jira - Pricing

Below you can reference details on the paid pricing model for Asset Tracker for Jira, which is to be introduced on Wednesday 9th May 2018.

Should you have any questions or concerns related to pricing, don't hesitate to contact us via the next section of this form.
Got feedback or questions related to pricing?

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or general feedback related to Asset Tracker's pricing by filling in your message / question(s) below.
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